If it’s alcohol, this man must have drunk a couple of bottles or maybe he was drugged. It’s still not clear what really happened. But from the look of things, this guy might have made a couple of notes and decided to get one for the road.Why would you drink while in police uniform? Anyway ‘ YOLO’. “Utumishi kwa wote” indeed


Each time people of Kinoo complain about the state of insecurity. Kabete police kindly in very few words explain how one of your colleagues managed to drown all his day’s bribes on alcohol. Give me one reason why this should not be sent to the Police oversight Authority! Shame on all of You!!!

This photo was taken yesterday at Uthiru of a very drunk kabete police officer, clearly are these the our gate keepers as far as security is concerned. OCS kabete as you can see your boys are SLEEPING on the job. can you act. NOW!
At some point the long arm of the law attempted to come to his senses. – Kabete Resident

Below are photos of the officer feeling himself.