Pastor Kanyari’s ex-wife Betty Bayo has been educating women on matters related to marriage and relationships.

In a recent post on Facebook, Betty Bayo urged women not to leave husbands who are poor in bed.

Betty shared a list of things that married women should not do advising them to only walk away from their marriage if the man asks them to.

Her post read;

“Attention!!! To all women. Don’t leave your man because he got broke. Don’t leave your man because you got richer than him. Don’t leave your man because he can’t perform his duties in bed,” wrote Bayo.

Betty Bayo
Even when things are tough, she insists that women should stick and that shame should not be a reason for one to walk away.

“Don’t leave a man because he is going through shame, instead, stand with him.”

“Don’t leave a man because of social media. Leave a man only when he tells you with his mouth to leave. Don’t force yourself, it will cause more harm. My sister obedience is better than sacrifice.”

Recently, Bayo advised Size 8, whose marriage is on the spotlight after her husband DJ Mo was badly exposed on social media for cheating on her.

She advised Size 8 to stay strong and fight for her marriage adding that cheating is a minor issue for one to leave their marriage.

Betty Bayo
”Size 8 I’m so proud of you. Fight for your marriage, cheating is a minor offence. If I ever get in a marriage worth fighting for I will. On my knees, I will fight for it. I will prove to all of you that marriage works. And for those telling me to go back to my past, don’t you think I know the way? What about if we both agree to disagree.”