Wahu and Nameless

Singer and songwriter David Kamoni Mathenge alias Nameless has been the most talked-about artist of all generations.

This, of course, is because he has been in the game for the longest time, 20 good years. He is a legend.

Nameless is also quite influential as far as social media is concerned.

He recently took it to Instagram and complained that he went to his wife’s salon and still had to pay for the services regardless of whether he is sleeping with the owner-His wife Wahu.

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Speaking in an interview with Mpasho, the musician came out expressing himself saying that ladies flagged his comment section telling him he should definitely pay for the services.

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Here are some of the reactions

mercymukenye_lioness: Utalipa yako na bado ulipie the owner and the 2 girls. Biashara haipendi mchezo🤣
 breshndombi: Lakini si unakuwanga na ufala sana wewe mzee wa Wahu😂😂😂hebu lipa in arrears kwanza
kamau_mainag: @namelesskenya wewe Kwanza inafaa kulipa double to show support @wahukagwi volume iko Sawa ama niongeze
ndindawinnie: That reason alone should make you pay 5 times for every service sir.

Watch the video of Nameless telling Mpasho about the incident and why he never takes off his cap.