Kiss TV’s The Search has reached it’s boiling point as we are closer than ever to unveiling the next big star in Kenya.

The competition started a few months ago with 15 contestants, all hoping to be the next mega star walking away with 1 million shillings and a record deal.

Elvis and Moonboy

Well, Suzziah, Elvis, Moonboy and Ythera are the lucky stars to get to the finals. They are all eyeing the grand prize as we are about to unveil the winner.

This Sunday tune in to catch “The Road to the Finals” and watch as the four finalists;- Suzziah, Elvis, Moonboy and Ythera prepare to battle it out for the top spot! ITS THE ROAD TO THE FINAL OF THE SEARCH AT 8PM THIS SUNDAY on Kiss TV . YOU CAN’T MISS KENYA’S NEXT SUPERSTARS SING THEIR HEARTS OUT T0 1 MILLION PRIZE. Remember its the Search at 8PM this Sunday on Kiss TV.

Ythera and Suzziah

However, there’s a new twist to the show. Guess what? You can now play part in choosing who walks away a million shillings richer! I bet you’re now wondering what I’m talking about.

Let me break it down for you. You can now vote for your favourite contestant!!! How cool is that?

All you have to do is vote for your favourite contestant to 21515. For example: SMS ‘Vote Elvis’ to 21515. It’s that simple.