A few years back Instagram was launched, it was designed for people to share and show off pictures of what they go through in their lives to followers, and the young and wealthy elite have taken advantage of it. From Europe to Africa, they make us assume that having money is easy.

They are living large, and flaunting their wealth is just part of the job. Aren’t these rich kids of Instagram lucky? They are the centre of attraction nowadays; people tend to spend most of their time going through the famous kids Instagram accounts for an updated of what they have been up to.

Although the rich kids of Kenyan Instagram are not as advanced as their counterparts across the globe, they still keep us busy. To them, nothing is too outlandish. They drive posh cars, some even fly to their weekend getaways in private jets, own multi-million business and to keep us following them, they post photos of themselves online showing off how they blow wads of cash. Well, below are the popular rich kids of Kenyan Instagram, go through