Kenyans are patiently waiting for the final presidential results as it has been reported, they will be announced soon.

During the whole process of tallying the votes, Kenyan women have been following the process keenly, but what many might not know is that it’s not even the process that is keeping them glued to the screen. They are actually drooling over one Mr. Ezra Chiloba.

Who is Ezra? Well, Chiloba is the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Kenya. He was appointed following the suspension of James Oswago in August last year.

He has been addressing the nation on the developments of the tallying process ahead of the presidential results announcement.

The situation has become so serious, its at a point where ladies are taking to google to find out more information about him.

Some of the searches recovered so far are,

1. Is Ezra Chiloba married?

2. What is Chiloba’s age?

3. Some are asking for Chiloba’s Curriculum Vitae

4. Who is Chiloba’s Wife?

5. Ezra Chiloba’s salary

6. Where does Ezra Chiloba stay? Among others.

Ezra has definitely become a favouriteĀ of many ladies based on his looks and masculine body.

Julie Gichuru has even noticed the thirst and has asked ladies to let the man do his job.

In case you’ve been living in a cave or on another planet til now, here are some photos of the hottie: