Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli is out here playing the role of a sister’s keeper. The mother of two has advised women not to settle for ‘crap and know their worth’.

Lillian Muli

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In a deep message she shared with her followers, she wrote:

I believe it’s possible; relationships should be exclusive and uncluttered and there are good men and women out there who don’t have time for monkey business so don’t settle for crap, know your worth. My king hasn’t been born yet though but I’m forever hopeful. Ladies what do you think??? I believe we can all do better.

The Citizen TV presenter went ahead to reveal that she was surprised mant women nowadays are okay being side chicks, saying she cannot be one. She wants to be the main woman in his life.

I find that females nowadays are completely ok with being someone’s side chick. I don’t think I can ever conform to that mentality. I’ve discussed it with women numerous times and they always argue with me. Nobody wants to be a priority anymore? In that case, I’m greedy. I want to be his only woman.

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Lillian Muli’s sentiments were echoed by many among them Janet Mbugua. Reactions include:

officialjanetmbugua We can do better

lilywangari The sad reality is men have decided to treat the sidechicks better than the wife…no one wants to be the wife anymore
chessey Preach sister, let them hear.

franklinmmarangu Very positive.Important to have values

itsnimmoh My sentiments exactly.. Ladies (some) are so comfortable being second to wives as long their upkeep and oh (bodies) are serviced…. It’s a pity.. But I’d never settle for that.. People keep on blaming men for infidelity but what a world it would be if all ladies valued their respect and self esteem.

nasra.khan There is no.difference between a side chick and a wife .they both have a space in a mans heart ❤️❤️

howimliving_atl “Thou shall not covet another’s belonging, beloved, etc” its a spiritual law. In the Bible and other spiritual teachings

irahadiamavisi I agree with you

eve We can do better don’t settle for crap.

doriskiendi Sharing is caring😂
oliecholivia I agree with you and we are the cause of men being that way

mchemutai Your so right Lillian I will always settle for the same. One man one woman no monkey business..If all women ware like you we will have better and valuable relationships. I love this

florencegichinga I belong to this school, kila mtu achague mahali roho yako inakufaa. We all want to be the only woman in the lives of the men we love. But, they’re often cheating. They are not loyal and it hurts so bad. It was just the other day you were screaming your heart out you can’t do a community husband. He cheated, it was not a misunderstanding. I want to believe side bitches don’t hurt like the main gals do, because they already know there’s a mega woman. So, where it feels right, ride there. Main and side will always be there and there have to be representatives.

lilianwakarindi Truth be told…men are out there cheating always know you the one and only because you have not found out yet! In a couple of years women will just have to accept that there is no one man for one woman anymore.not today!

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wordsmith I completely agree!!! You put words in my mouth. I think its a disgrace to all women around the world that some of us can stoop so low as to allow themselves to be someone’s afterthought

raymondsleather Sazingine anayekupenda humpendi. Unapenda mwingine asiye wa dhamana kwako…
joy_manoti I don’t care which number I am for I know there is no one man for one woman never of importance is life 🤣🤣