campus girls

The term storm can suit the so called “white parties” which has greatly influenced the teens in our campuses. Its clear  that all the ratchet things that happen during “white parties” are sex, drugs and other vices…

There are a number of universities that have been depicted negatively by media houses. Nairobi Aviation College comes to mind as an example of just such an institution.

Following the recent fatal accident that involved 5 K.U students along Kisii road, alarm was raised to guardians who are sacrificing a lot in way of paying school fees.

5 Kenyatta University Students Die Painfully After Gory Kisii Accident (PHOTOS)

Kwani nani aliwarogwa. Various students have been spotted spending their school feels on drugs and the rave.

Early this year, apparently a student from Moi University called in on a popular radio station and her confession shocked many

” the things are real students organize parties in campus and one girl sleeps with 10 to 20 boys in that one party” She said to Maina Kageni’s in classic 105FM breakfast  Show on Tuesday  march 8.

Looking at it from the angle of morality without forgetting the results of it such as being infected with HIV/AIDS; our youth are insane. Can you find the best word to describe them other than that? How could someone indulge him/herself in such kind of activities knowing the risks? And whose to blame?

I guess they’re lacking what I called self drive. I therefore call upon the university lecturers and the deans in general plus the ministry of Education to join hands and come up with ways that can help the youths since the situation right now is disgusting. Kutupa pesa tu.

The campus wannabes are always spotted moving about in the crowds hitting up grand hotels and motels. With their pouches hang on their shoulders; inside are other pants, make up kits, perfumes and all the ladies’ stuff you’ve known or ever heard of. Asiye na wake na aelekee jiwe

Early in the morning is when you will find them sleeping shamelessly on trenches some without clothes. It is so painful to the parents of these girls that while they are investing so much in them, they are wasting their lives away.