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Marriage is not an easy stroll down the road. It’s full of ups and downs. In short, it’s not for the faint hearted. Every day we write stories about failed and abusive marriages which begs the question, “Is it a must for one to get married?”

‘I Caught My Boyfriend Redhanded Eating His Mother’s NUNU In Their Home!’ Confesses Distraught Woman

Well, a frustrated wife has exposed her abusive husband. According to this woman, her husband cheats on her and she is tired of him. She explains how her husband mistreats her and she claims that he hurls unprintable words at her.

Here is what the woman wrote;

“On 4 occasions I have tried to suffocate my husband with a pillow because of what he does to me, he cheats on me and comes back to call me wide pussy and sagged breasts. He abuses my body like a pit toilet .

There was a time he was inside me and I felt something like hot water inside, it was that this man was urinating inside me, I pushed him out and he slapped me, calling me a pit latrine. He breaks everything thing in me, abuses me and hit me, I want him dead by any means but I don’t want blood on my hands. I can’t go because of my kids. I would have left him but since I have no job, I chose to stay. How do I deal with him, like teach him a lesson of his life. I just tried it again this night but he was lucky to be sleeping with his Tommy .. I need you all to talk to me before I do something stupid.”


The post has ignited mixed reactions and here is what some people had to say;

Peculiar: My world… This is deep. Go on your knees and pray, involve your families, try therapy, get something to do and earn a living. If all fails, leave! For your own sake! Sometimes we all have to make that life-saving selfish decision. I pray that the oil of gladness anoints your home.

Blaclite: Hey poster just kill him, you can poison him by yourself or if you know how to drive hit him and break some of his useless bones or better still if you know him atm pin just carry your children and withdraw all the money in his account and if he has a car take it.

Benie: You can’t leave because of your kids? Better you both are estranged but ur kids can speak to him every now and then than to have them be fatherless kids at a young age. Please rethink and leave in peace

Bumpasquared: It’s not that easy to suffocate with a pillow. He will overpower you and have a valid reason to kill you. Walk away. Arrange yourself, get yourself esteem back and live your life with your kids.

Tilda: Please take it easy. Give him some space. Don’t leave the house. What I mean is that pray for him daily, keep yourself busy and don’t let him touch u for some months but do your normal things as a wife to him. He will come back to his right senses and beg you to forgive him

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Dewoyin: The man is an idiot. Consider ur children and don’t kill him. If u can’t leave, work on ur body. There are exercises that lift the breasts and all. You can work on your body my dear. Please do. Also get something to do and let God bless the work of ur hands. Be independent, gives u confidence and he would also know that u can leave anytime and live a good life.

Solomon: God have mercy. Things like this make me so scared of marriage.

Sabina: I normally would advise that a woman should be well prepared before thinking of leaving any toxic marriage. Prepare well for your life after leaving, you don’t want to become a destitute for the partner you left. But this poster has really scared me with this pillow matter. For her to even start thinking like this, it’s too dangerous for everyone in that household. I’m even surprised they are still sleeping in the same room. This is a case that needs immediate intervention.

Nkem: What kind of stupid man urinates inside a woman..??

Ugo: I’ve noticed that most of the women who complain, suffer and still stay have nothing going for them financially. Sell his car or property and abscond. Start a business and take care of your kids.

Moses: Killing him won’t be very painful. He would just feel the pain once, but kill him slowly. Go for vjay tightening, disregard h im,look more beautiful, go out with men but no dating, do crazy stuff you don’t didn’t do before. Don’t give him attention after that move out with your kids. Kill him slowl. He will come back begging
Gabbie: God of mercy….this is the highest form of disrespect. My candid advice to you is leave the marriage and work on yourself. Your husband is deranged person, leave before he destroys you.

Future: First fall out of love with him! When you do that you can and will kill him and nobody will know??