Nonini Kenya

Nonini is a complete savage for this one. Waaaaah!

Kenyan rapper Bobby Mapesa is currently promoting his jam titled Tuzidi in which he featured rapper Calvo Mistari whose house was recently broken into by gangsters. (Read full story below)

Mwanaume Ni Effort: Calvo Mistari Still Putting Out Hits Days After Gangsters Were Out Looking For Him

In his new track, Bobby Mapesa takes subliminal shots at the self-proclaimed Genge Godfather and rap trio P-Unit when he says; “Nilifyeka mgenge kwa mtoto mzuri  akazaa ile unit saa hii imebeat…” Translated into English, that would mean; “I hooked Mgenge, with a good girl who gave birth to that Unit that is now irrelevant.”

Oooouuuuucccchhh! That is a major burn.

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Nonini did not take this lying down. So, what did the Wanajishuku hitmaker say about this? The homie went all in, telling the Eastland bred rapper that it’s funny how he calls himself ‘Mapesa’ yet he can’t even afford to pay rent or even buy a car.

See the tweet below;


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