Ethic’s song Tarimbo has been deleted from Youtube. This is after fans went crazy over the irresponsible lyrics.

“Tarimbo is now totally deleted from @YouTube and the channel owner served first warning. After a third violation the channel will be totally deactivated. We thank Google for supporting our efforts to clean the digital space and make it safe for children.” Tweeted Ezekiel Mutua

Adding that he was directing his attention to a TV show;

“Soon such filth like 10/10 will be off air and those using such channels to corrupt the morals of our children will have their recompense here and in the life to come!”


Ethic’s song was pulled down even after they apologized and vow not to repeat their mistake.

They tweeted “As Ethic Entertainment, we are truly remorseful for any dolor caused by the lyrics to our single, and for every single person that was triggered to a displeasing memory or emotion by it, receive our sincere apologies. Rest assured that no disrespect was intended”

‘Namwaga bila hata permission,’ Ethic apologises for explicit Tarimbo song