Willy Paul and Vera Sidika

Controversial artiste Willy Paul shared photos hanging out with Vera Sidika and Kenyans can’t keep calm.

Willy Paul and Vera Sidika
Willy Paul and Vera Sidika

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Some of his fans have begged him to settle down with the bootylicious socialite while others trolled him

Bwana Mkunaji 😂,’ Vera commented on one of the pics the singer had shared.

Willy Paul responded, ‘namna gani mkunwa jipya?’

Fans went crazy and one of the singer’s followers claimed that he had paid Sidika for the ‘friendship’.

Another stage managed friendship. So how much have you paid her to roll na yeye??’ he wrote.

The Jigi Jigi hitmaker savagely responded to the fan, saying,

I’ve paid her with ur liiiiffffeee.

Other reactions from Willy’s fans on the photos with Vera include;

alex_mwakideu Mnakaa poa sana

michaelson Bwana mkunaji, anataka kuogelea Huku😂😂😂😂

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kandeda_paul Vera amekuweza bro… But you said in one of the gospel songs .. Huddah ama Vera hawawawezi…” From what I know, Huddah ama Vera hawaniwezi ng’o..

dimanmkareclassics Unapiga hii kitu ??

vinn.donga Mkunaji na mkunwa 😂🙌

sammie_kioko Hapo bwana mkunaji si umejiingiza kwa childlabour

gavi turner Mtoe collabo sasa

kamotholilian Looking cute😘

alekie_nester bro hii ndio size yako mpeleke na rieng

onkendi254artworks Zidi tu na dhambi 🇰🇪

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