Eddie Butita

Comedian Eddie Butita has been forced to respond to a fan who called him a snob.

A man identified as Giddy Akali took to social media to expose the Butita, narrating his worst encounter with him.

Eddie Butita

Akali said he tried to greet the comedian but he snubbed him.

Stone cold move, bruh!

Read the fan’s narration.

So I met Eddie Butita in an undisclosed location that I had gone for lunch. He had also come for lunch. I was surprised that I could meet such a guy face to face. I loved his jokes. I got excited and stretched my hand to greet him.

Jamaa akanionesha madaharu mabaya sana. I tried to get his attention but again he ignored me, again in public. People laughed at me,’ he wrote in part.

The post went viral, with many calling out Butita and other celebrities who don’t appreciate their fans.

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While responding to fans, Butita wrote,

I love and appreciate my fans for the support they show me every day in everything that I do. God bless you for that.

I HAVE MET THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE SINCE I STARTED MY CAREER. If they get a chance to speak one day, they will and the truth will be out.

I did not snob anyone why would I do that, what do I gain by doing that?’

If we have never met it’s my hope that one day we will cross paths feel free to extend a greeting, I can’t ignore you, trust me.

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