Ciku Muiruri

Media personality Ciku Muiruri is making major moves.

After her hit series on Classic 105 where she used to bust cheating men, she has decided to be chilled and has finally launched her first book ‘Love Is But A Dream’ encouraging people to walk away when a relationship fails.

In one of her captions, she says:

When the curtain comes down on your relationship, you should damn well walk away with something other than just tears and wounded pride

She came into the limelight for her radio show ‘Busted’ which she used to help both men and women bust their cheating spouses.

In 2006 she came under huge public criticism after being pictured cosying up with Artur Margaryan who was being investigated for drug trafficking.

It is alleged that the Arturs were enforcers working for drug traffickers who wanted to recover the Sh6.4 billion worth of cocaine being held in Kenya. The hired guns failed to complete their task after they were publicly exposed following their March 2, 2006, raid.

Ciku Muiruri
Ciku Muiruri. photo credit: ghafla
That aside Ciku who is quite ‘private’ about her relationships has decided to pen a book based on love, is this a hint that she is finally in love?
She says

Love. Hate. Laugh. Cry. Get mad. Whatever. If it’s an emotion, it means you feel.

Below is the book:

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