Media personality Ciku Muiruri has announced that the lawsuit she instituted against Jicho Pevu, Mohammed Ali and Standard Group has come to an end,

She has won the suit and being paid damages.

“Friends, my civil lawsuit against the Standard Media Group and specifically Mohammed Ali and Jicho Pevu, has been concluded.

The High Court has ruled that they will pay me damages running into the millions, in regards to a clip they used of me on their programme a few years ago.

The court process can be slow and tedious but the system works. The money will never be enough; because you can’t put a price on your name, so the fact that I have finally cleared mine; is wealth beyond measure.”

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Ciku Muiruri
Ciku Muiruri. 

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I have over the years, refrained from responding to social media bashing regarding this because it was subjudice (Under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion).

But now that it’s over, I can speak freely. For all of you that were so eager to throw rocks before you knew the full facts, may God forgive you. High profile people like our governor Mike Sonko. who felt the need to comment about me and a situation he knew nothing about, I forgive you. For those who stood by me and defended me, may God bless you.

I will use this money for good. I will use it to educate a girl child. One whose dream is to make a mark on this world in a positive way.

I will want her and other young ladies out there to know, that the road can be hard.

Some small-minded men will try and hold you back.

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Ciku MuiruriThey will pick on you because you are a girl. Because you got the grades and they did not.

Or like in my case, because you got the story and they did not. They will try and label you all sorts of derogatory names because you outperformed them. They will try and break your spirit. Never let them! As Michelle Obama said: “When they go low, we go high.”

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Fight for your space in this life. Guard your reputation. Always keep your eye on the ball. I put my faith in God and in our legal system and emerged victorious.

My never-ending humble gratitude as always, to the Most High God who constantly shows me that His Grace is sufficient for me because His power is made perfect in weakness. If it is His will that I went through all this so that other young girls will have it easier, that they will be more empowered, that they will now stand up to bullies; then let His will be done.

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