Fred Omondi

Relationships are funny. One day you are deeply in love and the next day you are literally soaking your pillow with tears. It’s a rollercoaster if you ask me but at times it works.

One presenter Joey Muthengi even confessed that a relationship is a job. It’s mostly like work and she does not have time to take care of people.


Popular comedian Fred Omondi has found himself in a really awkward situation after he walked into a room and found his girlfriend in bed with another man. You can imagine the shock in his eyes upon seeing her butt naked with another ninja. To make matters worse, he was accompanied by his friend who witnessed the whole scenario. It must have been pretty embarrassing, right? But as always, men live by the bro code and when your friend is in pain, you got his back.


His friend helped him chase the guy out of the room with his boxers but lucky for the guy, there was a boda boda passing by. He hopped on and poof! He was gone.

The girl, realizing that she had messed up, went running to the guy, literally begging for forgiveness. But Fred had just two words for her, Just Go.

Anyway check out the video below: