There’s a viral video that’s making rounds on Whatsapp. The two clips show a dude being stopped by a two police officers. He’s blunt enough to tell them off, saying that they are not authorized to enter his car. He even makes them aware that he is recording, to which one of them responds with, ‘record, no problem.”

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When they get to the station, the guy continues recording asking the police officer why he was taken to the station without a clear explanation of what he was being charged with.

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The officer tells him that he was stopped and resisted instructions.

“Afande, what I’m I being charged for?.” the man asks.

The cop says that he was changing lanes inappropriately, but the guy explains that he was following instructions given – to turn left. He then asks why the officer was forcing himself into the car, to which the officers says,

“I have powers and abilities! I can enter the way I wish!,” 

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