The socialite has been accused of lookming lighter than she did before

Socialite Vera Sidika has dismissed reports that her salon Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor (VSBP) is not making any money for her.

“My business is doing well and I have been doing well and I wouldn’t be in the office if my salon is falling down,” Vera told Word Is.

Vera has been out of the country for months, and rumours have been going around that her salon was closed after many noticed that the Instagram page was inactive for quite a while.

The beauty parlour was opened a year ago, and a few months later, Vera took to social media to advertise vacancies at the posh salon.

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The parlour
The parlour

This deepened the rumours of her business failing more. Many speculated that she was unable to run it. But she has resurfaced and assured her clients that her salon is still open.

“I would not be in the office. Another thing, I wouldn’t be posting pictures of our clients coming to our salon and having work done for them,” she said.

“Those spreading rumours should make an effort of visiting us to be sure they are saying the right thing.”

Vera Sidika has also left her fans speculating that she might be expecting her first child. This is after she posted a picture of her lover on her Instagram page, with the caption: “The countdown begins.”

Actor Nick Mutuma commented below the picture, saying, “Shemeji.” Vera responded, saying, “You will make a good uncle.”

In a separate post, Vera appreciated her man and thanked him for always sticking by her.

“I am so happy you are in my life. I can’t wait for this adventure with you,” part of her post read.

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Vera Sidika Pregnant
Miss Sidika pregnant

Asked if it is true she is expecting her first child, Vera told Word Is she cannot disclose that right now.

Vera Sidika has in the recent past expressed interest in having a child, but she said she was waiting for the right person.

Vera and her new bae started dating after a bitter split with her musician ex-boyfriend Otile Brown, over allegations that he was using her to get rich and boost his music career.