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Kenyan rapper Timmy Tdat and singer Dela were rumoured to be seeing each other. Well, these are claims that the two of them vehemently denied. But then, I got hold of a clip that proves the two were passionately romancing each other.

So, how did these rumours come to be? First of all, Timmy and Dela were spotted in events together in a manner that suggested that they were not just friends -to a point that they even kissed in public. Dela was at one point seen rocking Timmy’s hood, perhaps making Timmy look like a caring gentleman.

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In an exclusive interview with our very own Madame Cynthia sometime back, Dela denied claims that she was seeing any rapper.

She said;

No, I’m still very single.

It might seem that the two were just enjoying each other, but nah! Perhaps, Dela was consoling him for his previous public break up with rapper Kush Tracy.

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I came across a video of Dela, the “Mafeelings” hitmaker and the “Dus Nyau” hitmaker Timmy, exchanging saliva. By that I mean, kissing. You wont believe the place either. The two were engaged in lip oriented gymnastics in a lift.

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But before that, Timmy was also spotted kissing an air hostess;

Now check his video kissing singer Dela;

I got the keys???????????? #kasabun

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