Nigerian artiste Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, was a hot topic of discussion in April last year after he called Kenyans peasants.


I know G but I am bored AF out here plus I couldn’t find a flight out this morning#dead. so these peasants are my entertainment till I dip Lol!

The word peasants did not settle well with Kenyans in fact KOT went ham on him. Now the irony of all this is that he is back in the country for a concert courtesy of Thrift Social.

Well, this weekend, he was to make an appearance at Citizen TV’s 10 over 10. Something that the TV station kept on announcing.

When it was time for him to get on stage, the egoistic artiste made a U-turn after he was told that he will be talking about why he insulted Kenyans and therefore, he would have a chance to apologize.

The singer didn’t like the idea. At all! So, he made an about turn.

The show’s Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu announced:

As previously advertised, one Burna Boy was supposed to be here, however, he came. Remember the last time he was here he called Kenyans peasants, we wanted him to elaborate and explain himself, apologize if he felt the need to  to apologize for calling us peasants but he was not ready to answer the questions that we have for him. So he decide to make a U-tun and exited out of the building. Afanye nini? Aende.

Burna Boy

Kenyan artistes are not happy about this at all and you can tell from all the shade on social media.

‘Fvck You! Don’t Make Me Buy That Dead Station,’ Burna Boy Goes Ballistic On Popular Kenyan Radio Presenter

Big Ted as we have known him has done events for a pretty long time and big events for that matter. The fact that Burn is back is not settling well with him.

So Big Ted took to social media his sentiments and he said:

I have run concerts in Kenya for many years and one thing I have seen with many of the even so-called “divas” is the respect they accord a visiting country…even in the past when the artist would leave the country without payment they would curse the promoter BUT NEVER the citizens… So I gather that @burnaboygram is in town for another collection from “peasants” first of all on MASHUJAA day…brathe listen our DJs may play your songs…we may even dance to it see Kenyans are a cool lot we live with many of your brothers and sisters here happily and chop life together…We slide easy but we don’t forget… And we are also a very very proud people… We work hard for every peasant cents we pay to see you…but we also party hard… We may be gullible to the lies and stories told to us by politicians but we are NOT STUPID…we demand an APOLOGY from you yes you @burnaboygram before you take to any stage in this peasant country…our artists travel the whole world maybe not to your standard or class but we are out there respectfully earning every cent with gratitude to God and those country citizens…to the promoters we shall revisit! 

Big Ted is not the only one who is not happy. Nonini also took his grievances on social media and wrote:

I guess Kenyan promoters will never learn. This is unacceptable and for a guy to be this arrogant and disrespectful in our homeland Kenya. To teach hawa promoters a lesson and him as well should people boycott this concert. #supportyourown #buykenya #buildkenya

Nonini burna boy