When I grow up, I want to be a millionaire, I want to spend a whooping 40 million bob on a party with A-list Hollywood celebrities, be welcomed back in the country by hundreds of ‘ followers’ chanting my name and showering me with praises just like they did to 2017 presidential aspirant Steve Mbogo the other day. (Watch the video HERE)

Thanks to his Instagram account and extraordinary bio, many Kenyans first found out about the unbelievably wealthy Kenya Universities Students Organisation (KUSO) patron Steve Mbogo through Mpasho before other media outlets picked it up.

See The Flashy Lifestyle of Kenya University Students’ Patron Steve Mbogo, Billionaire At 28 (Photos)

After reading Steve’s bio, I went down on my knees and asked God where I went wrong in life. I couldn’t believe what the lad had accomplished at ONLY 28, yet I’m almost clocking 40 and still writing about other people’s lives.


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