We all want to have a good time by going out to ‘dunda‘ and partying the night away at a night club after a long week at the campus or work.

And what a better way to unwind than hanging out with your buddies at your best night club. Well, this can go pretty well, until one of your friends starts intolerable behaviours that you can’t stand.

Personally, I have gone out with my girlfriends, some of who partake in some behaviours that are really annoying!

There are also some of my dude friends who totally have noted some annoying habits that ladies have in clubs, and trust me, it gets worse when a guy has something bad to say about a chic at the club.

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So, I decided to compile a list of these irritating habits. Check them out on the next page.

1. Depending On Men For Drinks
So, you go out with a dude, and as a gentleman, he buys the first round of alcohol for you. Then after that, you expect him to continue buying the rounds for the rest of the night, without even spending your penny! Madam, he’s not a bank, and why not even show him that you can be independent even for just one night out! How about you tell him that all his drinks for that night are all on you??


2. Doing A Bend Over With Every Random Man In The Club

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Why do some ladies lose their dignity when in the club? Okay, so you did not go out with a dude and when you get in the mood for shaking yo bum bum, you dance with every man on the dance floor. And not just dancing, you do the ‘bend over’ in every song, with every Tom, Dick and Harry, and then all the Team Mafisi just have ‘THAT ONE THING’ on their mind.


3. Asking For Expensive Drinks When A Dude Offers To Buy
As I was saying in the point above, some ladies have a tendency of asking for expensive drinks that they can’t afford when a guy offers to buy for her a round. If you were drinking Tusker, why suddenly change to Baileys or Moet champagne just because someone offered to buy for you? Oh, I have the answer to that, you are a wannabe, you a glutton, you don’t stick to your own lanes! You can add any that I left out.

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5. Making Out In A Club
Trust me, as much as this looks cool, it ain’t! A club is not your bedroom nor a lodging for you to go and start making out with your boyfriend to the extent of going down his groin and allowing him to touch your pudenda. At the end of the day, you just look like a horny chic and I don’t think everyone wants to know that. TMI.

6. Screaming At The Top Of Your Lungs When your Favorite Song Plays
Well,….. I’m not hating, but I think most of us get annoyed when a chic screams just because the deejay played one of her favourite songs. We know it even gets worse when she is drunk because it comes out as if she is screaming, calling for help as if her house is on fire! Moral of the story is, just keep it on the low, show your excitement on the floor, people would love to watch you dance, then scream.

7. Feeling Too Sweet When A Guy Asks For A Dance
So, a friend of mine told me how he can’t stand it when a chic gives him a bad eye when he asks for a dance. Truth is, there are ladies who think they too hot or pretty to dance with any random guy in a club and talk rudely when a guy approaches her.. at the end of the day, revellers go to a club to have fun, party and dance, indulge a little bit. Not all guys in a club want to sleep with you; some just want to dance.


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8. Dancing On The Tables Or Chairs
Ladies, this is the worst kind of behaviour in a night club. It doesn’t matter how much you are intoxicated, get up on a table to dance and you’re in a short dress makes you look like a maniac… and if you had come out with a dude, trust, that may be the last day you see him.. it can be very embarrassing for him. If you want to show everyone your dance moves, go to the dance floor. Please!

9. Requesting 5 Songs From The Deejay
We get it, you can’t finish the night without hearing your best song or dancing to it.. but requesting more than one song is not your right when it comes to clubbing. Even if it’s your birthday, it’s not allowed. Go get your own MC at your own party and request all your favourite songs. Another thing is when a chic decides to go and dance at the deejays cube…no one wants to see you dance, it’s not a concert, we came to party and drink up!


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