Nothing annoys a man more than a demanding woman. A woman who pushes you to the wall every time especially when she wants something.

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Women, did you know some of these things are the reasons why you end up single?
Well, here is a list of six types of women men don’t like at all.

  1. Nagging

No man will settle down with a nagging woman. If you’re this type of woman, better change or else you will be dumped without an apology.

2. Drinking too much

No one would ever want to be associated with a woman who drinks alcohol like she’s competing for a slot in the Guinness Book of Records. Some women cause drama when drunk and no man wants to be with such a lady. Drama Peleka National Theatre!

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3. Borrowing money

“Babe nitumie credit, babe pesa ya salon, babe sina fare, babe ninunulie lunch woiyee..” ‘ no man is ready to settle for such a woman.

Most of these women will borrow money from you and never refund in case you ask for it. To ladies with such character be ready to be dumped anytime. Learn to work hard for your money!

4. Smoking

No man in his good senses will settle down with a woman who smokes like that industrial chimney. No man wants to have babies with disorders affiliated to smoking.

So whenever you post photos smoking shisha, weed or tobacco with your squad, just think about your future and even people seeing them.

Remember the internet never forgets. Someone might use those photos against you in future. Be careful ladies.

Shisha Gang

5. Team clueless especially when it comes to sports

No man concentrates more than one watching his EPL team playing.

His attention is shifted to the match and he is certainly not ready to talk or caress you. But to some slay queens, whenever you are at that sports bar watching your team being humiliated, she needs your attention as well.

The clueless ones will always be giving comments such as “the team in red has cute guys, eeish! si hawa Nigerian players wamebeba and maybe it’s France playing against Algeria, Jose Mourinho si ni coach wa Everton ile team Pogba alitoka…”

Please, ladies, stick to analyzing soap operas and Nairobi Diaries.

6. Overburdening sponsors

By this, I mean tagging along with your friends if invited for a date. Some of these women have formed squads and they move together wherever they go and one can mistake them for a team of hyenas.

These kind of women are always thirsty and in case they come across a generous man, they will milk him dry. From asking for expensive food to drinks which they cannot even pronounce, they will take photos and post on social media followed by hashtags such as #Yolo #Queening yet they didn’t even contribute a cent to settle the bill.

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