Willy Paul

Award-winning gospel singer Willy Paul has once again come under scathing attack form his fans, albeit for a different reason this time.

A few hours ago, the singer who is currently topping local and international charts with his latest song with Alaine Laughton, posted a photo of himself on social media.

Instead of captioning it with a non-existent verse like Psalms 80:21, like most people of his ilk do, Willy Paul decided to brag about his looks.

The ‘Tiga Wana’ hitmaker referred to himself as Mr. Handsome before revealing that he’s so  in love with himself.

“I don’t like showing off. But my people just tell me hapa nikama nimeweza..eeish!! I’m in love with myself #MrHandsome God’s creature!,” Pozze captioned the photo below.


Here are the reactions:

Vicky Mchelsea: Willy Paul manze c kwa ubaya just wondering, are you growing up or you becoming more childish..thought miaka ziki ongezeka pia wewe brains zina ongezeka….am sorry bt nowadays am not sure bado una represent christ to the fullest.

Frozy Waa Kina Morry: Willy Paul please I’ve seen you thrice and live for that matter, but from what I saw, you’re so damn ugly..I know I’m not beautiful but you…ugly and bragging haha.

Jackline OwinoFearfully and wonderfully made. Classy look. Some times people confuse high self esteem with bragging. You have a high self esteem!

Marshette Bryan: Eti Mr Handsome nkt. God is the handsome only not confused element like you u love money than God silly.

Rose Wangui Kui: Willy you are gospel minister, please behave accordingly.

Freddie Fred: Bitch be humble please!

Brenda Shikoh: See this one talking about show off n the way u like showing off! Grow up nigger! Childish! fanya collabo na Beyonce sasa tukutambue.

Molly Juma: Something I wonder if you do write all this stuff by yourself or someone else is running your Fb page, grow up for once man.

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