Bruce Odhiambo

Bruce Odhiambo was laid to rest in Kisumu at a funeral that was attended by people he had mentored and worked with. At the event, President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that the late Bruce helped him straighten his son Jomo.

Uhuru on Saturday said Bruce, who served as the Youth Fund boss, was a man to be emulated for many generations to come.

He said despite having schooled in the same school and sat in the same class, their relations took them beyond school and they have remained best of friends until his death,

Bruce died on January 4, at a Nairobi hospital after he suffered a heart attack.

Uhuru was eulogising the late at his Muhoroni home where he has been laid to rest.

“He was a true Kenyan, he had no tribal or religious boundaries all he wanted is to make friends. He recongised you for who you are and not what you are,” Uhuru said.

The Head of State said Bruce was a man who was never afraid to give everything he had for those who couldn’t have.

He said in his life, the late has helped so many upcoming musicians who wouldn’t have made it in life.

He was a mentor to many young people including my very own son Jomo whom he helped me straighten out and that is why I have come here today to celebrate a man who means a lot to my family

Uhuru maintained Bruce will be remembered because he had no political affiliations and he had a great desire to restructure the youth fund.

He took me to Kibera so many times to see how we could improve the lives of our youth. He did all these because he understood the needs of the people

He said, “We who have been left behind we must ask ourselves what we can do to emulate him.”

Uhuru also said his government will not abandon the family that has been left behind.

I am making this promise not as the president but as a brother of the man who is lying here. We shall ensure these children complete education and settle in life, we shall support you to keep his company alive and moving because he would have done the same for us

Bruce Odhiambo

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Uhuru also agreed to meet all the musicians at Nairobi’s State House to discuss the future of the music industry in the country.

Former Prime Minister and AU’s special envoy Raila Odinga, in his remarks, termed Bruce as a selfless man who had a great heart.

He touched generations, those who were older than him, his age-mates and younger than him. He loved people and has changed the lives of many young people,” Raila said.

He added, “All we can say Bruce has lived a good life and it is a testimony of good upbringing.”