Brown Mauzo

Collabo na Ali Kiba kando! Brown Mauzo is doing even bigger things to his female fans. Forget the drama about him being Akothee’s boy toy. Brown went out of his way to treat the ladies this past Valentine’s. Many may not agree with me on this one, though! I’ll let you be the judge.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, the Apotee hitmaker said that he treated city girls to the best of his abilities. While we were having lonely nights without a date, Brown Mauzo got himself 12 ladies to spend Valentine’s night with him. Life is just so unfair!

brown mauzo

Ladies, let me help you out and expose his ideal woman If you are out there with yellow-yellow skin, gifted with a great behind and you are extremely sexy, you are just the kind of lady Brown wants. What else do you expect from this Team Light Skin lad? He must obviously thirst for the good looking ones. But hey Mauzo, the point still stands, black is beautiful!

ANATAKA KUMNYANDUA! Brown Mauzo Salivates For Yellow Yellow Socialite (VIDEO)


Brown further revealed that he had dinner, a photo shoot and later on had an electric performance for the ladies of the night. Even after publicly salivating for socialite Huddah Monroe, Mauzo still remains to be one of the most celebrated artistes from the coast region.

brown mauzoo

Just in case you didn’t get spoilt on Valentine’s, halla at the scandalous artist for that post-Valentine’s treat. We promise he won’t disappoint!

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Listen in to an audio as he describes his night with the lucky dozen;

Just an additional treat, watch the sexy star speak during a candid interview, and woo you with his amazing voice…