Vera Sidika Ring

Vera Sidika has announced that she has been engaged by singer Brown Mauzo. She has been gifted an oval red ruby and diamond Halo ring.

The ring has 0.85 Carats which costs approximately  1,425 Euros which is equivalent to Ksh 180,917.96


For fame or for love? Vera Sidika announces engagement to Brown Mauzo

Sidika who has been dating Mauzo for less than a month shared her sweet engagement message which read,

“Sweethearts, your girl got engaged on 24th September 🥰❤️ it was the Best pre-birthday gift ever!!! If someone told me I’d be engaged in 2020 I wouldn’t have believed it 😩 and just like that, like a dream …I’m engaged! To the most amazing human ever! Saying YES to you was the easiest because we became 1 from day 1 & I pray for forever. May God lead us on 🙏
It’s my birthday today but lets celebrate BOTH!”

We are sceptical about this rush engagement. But it makes for good entertainment.