It is never an easy thing to lose a child. Juliana Kanyomozi lost the only child she had, a son, after suffering a severe asthma attack while at school. He was admitted at Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi. Unfortunately he passed on.

Keron was only 11 years old. Today is his 14th birthday. His mother wished him a happy birthday on her social media platforms. The overwhelming support and kind words on the post shocked Juliana.

The songbird responded with another post saying,

“Thank you for all the love n encouraging messages. ????
#onestepatatime? #onedayatatime #foreverlovekeron.”

Check out some of the beautiful and supportive messages.

“My 19 years daughter was the first one to text me mummie Keron Julianas son has passed on.we cried without know she would join him after a few months.happy bd Keron as you are seatted next to the angels and my daughter too.”

“I know you are watching down on your mom from heaven n today as she celebrates your life you saying it is well mom. mum praise God coz Your wonderful boy is in very safe n mighty hands.God too is happy n will surely bless you with another at the intended Him.”

“This is really touching bambi. Rip little Angel keron Happy birthday keron. Juliana be strong baby gal Keron is happy seatted near the good Lord. En God took him for a reason. Dat happiness will be back in Jesus name.”

“Sweet Angel Keron, you’re still alive among us thou invisible, you’re physically disappeared from our eyes but your soul is with us & alive. Happy 14th Bday Keron, Mummy, Friends & world is celebrating yr life, indeed you’re alive.”

“God pliz give strength to Julian k coz today she remembers her baby boy who she had longed to live with till her 100 plus but you decided to take n hea comes the you decided to bring him on earth it’s such pain but l believe you will comfort her today RIP Keron mummy misses you but l know you are in better place.”

“You are not alone my dear Julian, I just keep on counting the years that my son would be too, the date of birth and the date of death never gets out of any caring mother’s mind……We got to be strong dear and be thankful to God for the little time that we managed to be with our sons. Hapi birthday Keron in heaven and may your sweet soul continue to rest in peace.”

“No one can understand what you go through each day, Time doesn’t heal the pain of losing a dear but the memories you shared put a smile and laughter to your soul. May the good lord see you through this and your baby’s soul rest in eternal peace ???????”

“Thank you people for showing so much love and being there to comfort dear Juliana. bringing a child into this world is not easy,raising a child is hard but loosing a child is the hardest thing for any mother. But with all this love and support, Juliana cry no more. Because Keron too is happy and smiling down on you.”

“Dear Juliana,I sincerely believe your son is seated with the lord in heaven and he is watching over you.Take heart my dear,the lord who took him away from you always have other better plans for you. Don’t cry any more, let him rest in peace.”

“You’re still his mom, and he’s still your son, it doesn’t matter where he is right now, like you said God gives and He takes with reasons we don’t know either, he will give you more and more just keep trusting him.”

Here is Juliana’s birthday message to her late son, Keron.

On this day at 2pm, God brought you into this world and into my life. Once your purpose on this earth was over, he called you back to him, where you truly belong. Thank you for bringing me so much joy. You are and always will be the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday Keron, you would have been 14 today. I love you angel and always will. Mum