Mama Ali Kiba and the singer

Ali Kiba married his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef in April 2018. A week later his brother, Abdul Kiba also walked down the aisle.

Late last year, Ali Kiba announced that he had been having marriage problems that led to Amina going back to her father’s home in Mombasa. Ali Kiba’s other baby mamas also broke it off with the star because of problems with the family.

Well, Mama Ali Kiba was accused of being the problem.

In a recent interview with East Africa TV, Mama Ali Kiba admitted that her daughters-in-law were complaining about their relationship strifes with her son, thanks to their upbringing.

Yes, my daughters-in-law are complaining but its about how people are brought up. I love all my daughters-in-law, and they know that.

I don’t understand why they are complaining, I told my kids to make sure that their wives live well. But how they were brought up is different from how I brought up my kids, that is where the problem is.

Mama Ali Kiba

The celebrity mother stays with his grandchildren, their mothers come to see them at her home.

‘They come and take their children and bring them back,’ she said 

Mama Ali Kiba and the singer

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