A city woman has left many shocked after she revealed that she has feelings towards her in-law.

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According to this woman, this started after she spent some ‘quality’ time with her brother’s wife. She narrated how they went out, got drunk, came home and slept in the same bed and how her in-law fingered her. She says she loved it but she’s ashamed of herself.

My brother’s wife fingered me last weekend. Have been trying to forget it but I can’t. I’ve been thinking about her. My brother married a lesbian. I always wanted to feel another woman’s boobs and kiss. The incident happened after we went home drunk and slept in the same bed. She started touching me and fingered me. It was good because I had never felt that way before in my life. I even had an orgasm. She keeps calling to check on me and I can’t stop thinking about her. I am losing my mind and don’t want to betray my brother. I haven’t prayed since I’m ashamed.

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toideve most girls have done this.

suuneeyaa Honestly alcohol just gives people the boldness to do what they have always wanted to do 😂
officialgold God please save us and have mercy on us🙏

duchess I heard girls’ touch is sexier than guys. they know where exactly to touch. That’s why she’s going crazy

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giniascollection O lord! When did we get here?🤦🏼‍♀️

jemimah JESUS, is that you i hear coming?
tikelieYou just got unlocked. Enjoy the new feature.

uyeyeboi What’s it called called when a brother and sister marry the same woman

princessjoan But its girl n girl! Is that considered cheating on ur spouse?

paymaster_whitefunds So if two girls start touching there’s nothing wrong but two guys they’ll go straight to hell.. The thunder that’ll fire all of you enhh me that is still looking for pussy you you’re there thinking of snatching your brothers wife issokay…

novbae_rah Ask God for forgiveness . he will forgive you

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mmah_nate My dear it’s the devil playing tricks on you if you haven’t prayed for forgiveness cos of this, my dear remember that every sin is equal in God’s sight. So just ask God forgiveness amd tell your brother’s wife to stop calling