Shocked man
Shocked man

A-27-year-old woman has left many in shock after she revealed that she was involved in a love triangle with her brother and boyfriend.

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She revealed that both her brother and boyfriend are gay and she has been sleeping with both of them. She’s torn in between who to stay with and who to dump.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years now and we’re planning on getting married. But I’ve been sleeping with my brother since I was 16. He is married with 2 kids . I know it’s wrong but nobody loves me like my brother. I WAS GOING TO TELL MY boyfriend about it because I started feeling guilty when he talked about marriage.

But recently, I was shocked after I found out that my boyfriend was sleeping with my brother too. I’m so heartbroken because the man I’m supposed to marry is sleeping with the man I love. I want to end my relationship with both men because they’re gay,’ she wrote.

Reactions include;

mimiciqu So your brother is sleeping with you, your boyfriend and his wife? Wawu. Call it off. You need a fresh start

soniavoke Sodom and Gomorrah needs to be apologized to for real

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uyi_icee Your entire family needs deliverance

muyiwanotes You people all deserve each other. Just keep the cycle among yourselves and not make friends with innocent people. Cheers

fabyorubachick What movie is this ?? I need to watch it

adah Jesus come down!

udeagbalastanley Are you in any way related to the Kadarshians??🤔

lisajay This is a curse

mz_yhetty Jeez..This is crazy 😳
Think of what’s best for you..Talk to both men about it since you know about it and let your boyfriend know you’re sleeping with your brother..I guess it’s best you both go your separate ways

lingeriebytemmy Gosh🤦🏻‍♀️u’re a disgrace shame to your family members😭😫😭having sex with ur so called blood brother😡ur brother shld be stoned to death as well

lacute_me I don’t blame you or anybody but your dad for not pulling out, your mom for not taking contraceptive or even do hard work so she can have miscarriage 2 times. So that you and your brother won’t be in existence😾

prella You, ur boyfriend and brother are crazy. You need Jesus in your lives!

estherk The World we live in

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