Incest is alive guys, a bother got the younger sister pregnant.

Just when you thought the drama on Sema na Raey’s mid-morning show was coming to an end, well I think it’s time to prepare some coffee, pull a stool and lock yourself up because it gets thicker!

The Radio Jambo presenter Annitah Raey got a very unusual phone call from one of her listeners.

One lady (well I know, seems like they are the ones bold enough to share the juice) called Annitah Raey and revealed that she slept with her elder brother a while ago while visiting him and they sired a child together.

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According to her, she had not planned for it all to happen but it all went down after the two got drunk and one thing led to another.

She explained that her elder brother agreed to take care of the child only if she kept it as a secret between the two.

“I am 19-years-old and one day I went to pay my elder brother, 28, a visit and that’s when it all happened. I slept with him and he agreed to take care of the kid but he asked me to keep it as a secret between the two of us. Our parents have no clue who the child’s father is.

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We got drunk and it just happened.” She narrated.

Listen to the audio below.


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