There are people who have been going around and claiming Oliech is as broke as a church mouse. These enemies of progress have been besmirching the footballers name and reputation claiming he is spending alot more than he makes these days.

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These enemies of progress took things a notch further going as far as pocket watching and giving advice about how he should manage his money and estate. You see, Oliech is one of Kenya’s greatest football exports having played in France and the greater Middle East.
That would lead one to assume and rightfully so that he made a ton of money.

But of late he has only been spotted partying and binge drinking on nothing but expensive swill. The enemies of progress had come out to warn that he maintains too large an entourage and the company of some floozies -beautiful as they may be.

But from the looks of things, Oliech is not worried about people counting his money. He is too busy enjoying the warmth of some light skin thots bosoms and enjoying expensive alcohol to take note. He is basically doing more of what the enemies of progress have been warning against; living life on the fast lane!

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