Bridget Shighadi and Nick Mutuma

Kenyan actress Bridget Shighadi and baby mama to actor Nick Mutuma has said she doesn’t need to celebrate him on social media to prove a point.

She was responding to after fans questioned why she did not publicly celebrate her baby daddy on fathers day.

“My purpose in life is not to live it on social media, every day is Father’s Day in our household because he is such an amazing dad in every way and I didn’t need social media to prove it,” she added.

Weeks ago, Nick took to his social media to celebrate his baby mama on her birthday.

Sharing her photo he captioned,

‘Happy birthday superstar ❤️ @bridgetshighadi’


To which she responded,

‘Thank you baba Dua, you’re awesome and thanks for making me cry today 😩’

It is not clear whether the two have moved on considering the fact that Shighadi loves keeping her life private.

“I love my privacy more than anything especially when it comes to my personal life, how I live.

the people I live it with, so if you come to my page and expect to know if I’m single or not then pole sana, cause you’ll never know, I show you what I want you to see depending on how am feeling at the moment,” said Bridget.

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