Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng might just be on the route to salvation.

Just the other day, the story of her childhood misery broke the internet. She came out to say she was molested by her uncle at a very tender age after she lost her father and was taken under his care.

Bridget Achieng

Bridget has gone through enough trouble in her childhood. She even opened up saying she was always the fat girl in school. She never really felt pretty which is actually the main reason why she opted to lighten her skin. Even her own mother never appreciated her.

She has been trolled on social media but that doesn’t stop her from going on with her life. Just like Akothee who came out to tell her story and why she is never moved by trolls at all.

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This July, on the 15th, Bridget will be turning a year older and she is grateful. I mean seeing another year of your life after going through what she went through is a blessing.

Bridget Achieng

Bridget has been in the public eye for a while now and she says it has not been easy. We have seen her fight with her ‘friends’ on Nairobi D to a point of shedding tears.

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In an episode where she took her mother for a spa date, her mother could not help but share her thoughts on Bridget’s actions on the show especially the fights. Basically, her mother just wanted her to stop the fights and true to Bridget’s words to her mum, she has since then not fought on TV.

Bridget Achieng

Bridget is grateful to God this July saying she has survived a lot. From fake friends to negative fame and even when she did God wrong, He has never given up on her. She confesses that God is merciful to her because he has answered most of her prayers.

Its that time of the year once again, special month, the BIRTHDAY month to a very strong madam right here, I’ve battled a lot some I won some I lost but the STRUGGLE goes on, this is Africa WHERE it goes by the slogan “survival for the fittest ” … I want to, first of all, thank my main my HEAVENLY DADDY🙏 for not giving up on me, when I fell once or twice, he is indeed merciful and I call him “a last minute God” because he answered most of my prayers when I was about giving up,its not easy being a public figure if I could reverse time I would want that girl next door life back ….PEOPLE out here are malicious, you get women pretending to be friends just to dig you, PEOPLE who want exactly what’s on your table to be on theirs, blackmail, they are ready to go any level to destroy you just cause your star is shining brighter on there faces and won’t stop at anything to ruin your image in one way or the other, this life, always in the media, is not a walk in the park…I’m just a girl next door NOTHING much about me, just want my family and EVERYONE whose ever been a blessing in my life to prosper and never luck…I’ve gone THROUGH alot because of what i signed up for but God has been #grateful and been with me through it all…its my MONTH pray with me , lets enjoy because a beautiful flower was born to reign and blossom 

This July seems to bring in some positive energy for a lot of celebrities. Here are some inspirational new month messages from a few celebrities:

Huddah Monroe: Today is July 1st. Don’t bring your June problems into July. Time to eat better. Time to feel better. New habits. New goals. New surroundings. New Attitude. No more nonsense or negativity. We’re not going to be here forever, time to live your best life now…
#KingHuddah #STARGAL

Kalekye Mumo: It’s a new month and you have a chance to make the 2nd part of your year BRILLIANT… put your hope in God and watch things change.
Hello July… we are ready for you 💃💃💃

Mishi Dora: As you traverse this new month.. to face the world…To battle for survival.. to test the waters…. may the Lord grant you strength and courage to face it all… Never be afraid to stand alone in truth… Let integrity mark your ways….. Then you will never have to walk in shame…..May blessings of the Lord follow you always….. Have a beautiful month…

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