Bridget Achieng
A pregnant Bridget Achieng glowing

Bridget Achieng has had a lot spoken and written about her. In the midst of the information, there has been a lot of lies told about her. She recently spoke to exclusively and clarified some things about herself.

Bridget Achieng
The entertainer complains that media have misquoted her in the past

Her heartfelt story as told by her is below:

First of all, I slept with a man comfortably when I was 25 years. Why would I start off with this information? Because when I was a young girl, my uncle used to molest me.

So far I’ve been lucky to have only 3 men as my boyfriends and the last one was my baby daddy whose baby I am carrying. 

It’s sad that the men I have dated before are mentioned as sponsors yet they are all young guys. I’m yet to understand the meaning of a sponsor in this country. I didn’t know that having a young rich guy as a boyfriend is bad.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng, explains who she is as a person

I guess God has just been paying me for the pain and trauma I went through as a kid, he gave me people to support me and be helpers of my destiny.

I’ve never slept with old men for favours. Today I’m 29 years. I started sleeping with men when I was 25. two who are Nigerian men one of them is my baby daddy. Another ex-boyfriend of mine was Ghanaian….does this make me a prostitute???

Also, I did not bleach my skin to get men. I did it to feel better about myself!

Bridget Achieng
Bridget is enjoying her pregnancy journey

Which woman doesn’t want to be spoilt? All the shit the media has been twisting about my interviews has made the society look at me in a funny way. I even have young girls in my dm asking me to give them hook-ups. I don’t own a brothel, neither I’m I a pimp. It’s so sad the lies they tell about me.

My boyfriends have always funded my trips to whatever country I’m going. Some of those trips have been out of the country because of my acting career and my online stores which are @bridgets_body_shop and @bridgetsfashionhouse.

I became a socialite to pick myself up…in the industry as a club host and contracts when I lost 5million to conmen. I used to have a shop in town which was doing very well. I just joined to pick up my pieces. I didn’t know it would turn out to be a traumatic experience for me.

Bridget Achieng
The socialite said she wants people to know the truth

People use my name to be used on write-ups so they can sell more. I am a wonderful person. I have a charity foundation for kids in Kibera @bridgetsworldfoundation. 

I also have a baby boy coming on soon, his Instagram handle is @sekani_rich_opeyemii. He will have his own clothing line that my crew is already working on @sekanonlinestore. 10 percent of the sales made will go to orphans and the less privileged.

To summarise; Bridget Achieng is a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and soon to be a mother of an awesome boy.

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