Bridget Achieng and son

Nairobi business woman and Nairobi D actress has opened up on why she hired four nannies when her son Sekani was born this year.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, Bridget said labour and delivery was not easy.

‘I had delivered through CS.

I had a business that needed someone to help me run it, I was not stable enough for me because his birth was not easy.

My mum was also sick and at some point my milk disappeared.

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Bridget and her son Sekani

I had also tried getting a baby for five years so I never wanted anything to go wrong.

That is why I had four house helps.’

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Asked whether it is true socialites depend on sponsors for money, Bridget said

‘My business never get into the media,no one calls me to maybe ask me about my business nor me visiting the street kids.

I work,I do not get sponsors a lot but some friends I have abroad sometimes send me cash and I also use my own cash.’

Bridget said she has several business that earn her a living.

‘I have furnished apartments around Riara , If I had a guy who could give me money I used to invest it.

I also sell designer clothes.’

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