Bridget Aachieng

Bridget Achieng is the type of lasses I love! She is a no holds barred type of person and though she does get on my damned nerves every so often, I love her frank openness.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng with vera’s ex Yommy Jones

On the recently aired episode of Nairobi D, she had a sitdown with Colonel Mustafa a.k.a Tall Mnyama, Tall Every-weya, and while conversating, she revealed to him that being from the ghetto, she is well acquainted with all the challenges and evils of poverty and she has made up her mind to never go back to that state.

And it is in her endeavour to escape from poverty that Bridget Achieng is an escort.

She went on to categorize her clients and trust Bridget Achieng to have come up with a rather succinct demarkation: wholesalers and retailers.

Wholesalers always need to negotiate because they are broke but still want a piece of Bridget Achieng’s action. Retailers have money and can even fly her out to different countries when the urge arises stiffly in them.

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Watch that episode in which Bridget Achieng confessed to being an escort below: