Bridget Achieng
The light-skin lady

Bridget Achieng has shared a photo that is giving the impression that she is pregnant. The socialite has escaped controversy since Nairobi Diaries took a long break from TV.

She put up a photo with the words:

Leave me alone, I’ve had a busy day being pregnant.

The photo was followed by a caption that confirmed it:

Waiting for this baby has been like when you pick someone from the airport, but you don’t know who they are, or don’t know what time their flight comes in☺

Bridget Achieng

Recently, the socialite opened up to BBC that the mother of the boyfriend that was willing to marry her disowned her.

She was like you’re a daughter of a tailor? you don’t fit her, my son is a prince so if you need to fit in you need to be of the same class. you can’t marry my son you need to be someone you have all the qualities but we need more. we don’t know how to bring you back to the country and say you’re a daughter of a tailor?

In the past, she spoke to that she was dating a West African man. A Prime minister’s son to be specific.

He is a prominent guy. I enjoyed Ghana, my boyfriend lives there. He is Ghanaian. It was his birthday, i went to surprise him.

She then spilled the beans

I didn’t know he is a rich guy. He is the son of the prime minister of ghana. It was meant to happen.

She says the two met on social media and the guy could not help but ask for her number.

I met him on Snapchat, he was just following my life, then one day he got the courage to text me. I met him, he gave me a big hug and carried me.

And yes, she did not waste time but became his fiancée.

He is not even my boyfriend, he is my fiancé.

Bridget Achieng

‘I’m Dating The Prime Minister’s Son’ Bridget Achieng Shouts (Exclusive)