Brenda Wairimu holidaying in Samburu

Brenda Wairimu is making fresh new changes in her life in 2019. She has been driving a Probox for the longest time and her haters were quick to say that she can’t afford a good car.

Well, the story behind the reason why she drives a Probox is quite emotional. Brenda Wairimu inherited the car from her mother after her passing in November 15th, 2015.

The Probox seems to be having issues and now she is trying to make a decision on whether she should buy another one or just go ahead and upgrade to a Harrier.

You guys know I’ve been driving my late mum’s Probox for the longest. My bomb car, and I call her spider…coz sties raised, akaekewa ma broad…But now lol… should I go full entrepreneur Kikuyu aunty in her 30’s with this…

Or since Spider has begun to give up on me…keep the legacy alive with(points to another probox)

Kenyans have termed the Harrier as a car every successful Kikuyu businesswoman must have.

Brenda Wairimu is ready to join that team.

Here are the screenshots: