Kenya’s patient zero, has been identified as Brenda.

She was the first patient to be diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Now, she had a video call with president Uhuru Kenyatta to talk about her recovery journey.

“I first went to the USA and stayed in Texas. On my way back I had a lay over I. Chicago then flew to London. I may have contracted the disease there or on the plane back to Nairobi,” Brenda said.

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“For two days after landing, I had a cough. As a responsible citizen I watched my body’s response for a day.

“When I was I  the USA I had heard about the government setting aside Mbagathi Hospital as an isolation centre.

She continued,

“When I went there, they took me seriously. They gave me a mask. For the last 23 days I have been receiving treatment.”

She narrated, “It is not easy. The nurses are under pressure but they did a good job. Even the cleaners were nice. They used to talk to me especially since I was very emotional.”

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Brenda who was speaking at Afya Centre advised,

“Coronavirus is treatable. Sometimes you show mild symptoms as a responsible Citizen you should listen to your body and avoid transmitting it.”

In his public address from State House, Uhuru Kenyatta told Brenda,

“We can overcome. Don’t be scared to say you are not feeling well. Let’s self isolate if you are not feeling well.”


“We many be forced to take more measures aimed at protecting lives and keeping Kenyans safe.”

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