When you Google Nick Mutuma, this is what comes up;

Nick MutumaI won’t talk about the results, but at least I’m sure by now you know they (him and Bridget Shighadi ) broke up! Team Mafisi know that very well and probably this was their reaction to the title:


Anyway, the beautiful lass is moving on quite well, and just recently we figured that she has her own clothing line named “YEDU” .

With my line I aspire to show the bold/bright prints and colors of Kenya and Africa as a whole. I called it “Yedu” which means ‘ours’ in Taita ethnicity.It is an urban chic women’s ready-to-wear brand which came to life in 2012, founded by Bridget Shighadi for the modern lady. Yedu was born out of the desire to make the sophisticated modern lady feel sexy but classy. Yedu’s vision is to both the young, mature and trendy woman, an affordable clothing alternative that they can identify with

Check out these beautiful designs by her below.