Rapper Octopizzo just came out of a court hearing. The Kenyan rapper who is making waves in East Africa is gearing up for a battle for one of his many babies.The rapper who just celebrated his 8th anniversary in music and making huge strides in the hip hop arena spent the better part of today in court.

Word on the street is that Octo’s relationship with his hot girlfriend is in the crapper. The celebrity couple is experiencing tumultuous times. (Read more on the link below)

Did Octopizzo Flee From His Mzungu Wife After A Huge Fight? Find Out

It has been reported that the couple have not been seeing eye to eye for the longest time. The rumours were making rounds to the point where Octopizzo decided to address them.

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Now, Mpasho can exclusively reveal that the couple has split and they are fighting over the custody of their child.

The court hearing was at Milimani Law courts at 11am which was attended by the rapper and his mzungu girlfriend. For this particular hearing, the rapper was “court mandated to attend” in which he was accompanied by his lawyer.

A source told Mpasho, “Their was a hearing and the case was adjourned for the day.”

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Octopizzo is viewed by fans as the ever so dedicated and dotting father. This is evidenced by his social media posts with his children.

Keep it here for details of when the case will be heard next. Also juicy morsels of info on the judge ruling.

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