With social media being so vibrant, you can break up without even meeting your partner.

Well, Kiss FM presenters Jalang’o and Kamene Goro were giving tips on how to break up with a man.

Jalas says the best way is to end things amicably.

“I like women who come straight and say, he Jalas, it is not working for me. This is not what I had planned, this is not what I had envisioned this relationship to be, I can’t take it anymore, it is draining. Lets part ways.”

He gave out another tip, to give the man an ultimatum.

“Just give them an ultimatum and say you know what, I had planned to get married by this time but I’m seeing you are not ready, allow me to go and look for somebody to marry me but if you want to be with me, marry me.”

He went on to give another option of ‘Ghosting,’

“Or you also just go quiet…Ghost and Go,” he said.

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So, if you wanna break up with him, these three options will go a long way in helping you.