Cashy vs Khaligraph

Rapper Cashy Karimi is not yet done with her ex-lover and baby daddy Brian Omollo aka Khaligraph Jones until he provides a health insurance cover for their child.

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Cashy has been ranting on social media to get the attention of Khaligraph to no avail. She has shared official court documents between her lawyer and her baby daddy and even posted Mpesa statements showing the money she received from her fellow rapper for child upkeep.

From the Mpesa statements, the mother of the two-year-old has only received Ksh12,000 from Khaligraph.

Khaligraph Jones Mpesa
Khaligraph’s Mpesa


‘March 2020 clip from my statement. This interaction is enough to show that there has been engagement. These were the disrespectful results that no reasonable mother can comply with. Everything is a cost in our country. I’m simply fighting tooth and nail for Xolani.
The least the other party could do is provide HEALTHCARE in this pandemic.

Again, I believe my child is innocent, and has equal rights to any other, and deserves everything his parents are able to provide. Says the law,’ she posted on social media.

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Check out reactions from Kenyans;

fanta_withno_ice Brayo doing what brayos do😂😂

tea_l3aves Aaah😂😂amechoma sasa😂💔Khaligraph kumbe ni Brayo😂

kinshit_bambino Tuma kitu usisahau na ya kutoa😂😂

its_keitany Huyu dem alidanganywa ati naitwa “papa jones”… saizi ndo anajua BRAYO NI YOBRA😂😂😂😂😂

mohamed_farid Masaibu wanaume wengi hupitia. Unaeza chukia OG but hujaskia his side of the story.

ma.sea.50 If he’s a deadbeat to Xolani his deadbeat. Cashy ashugulikie tu mtoi kivyake venye ataeza.good deeds never go unrewarded😂😂😂😂😂atashinda akicomplain and nothing will happen

ceddie OG kumbe anaitwa brayo😂😂😂😂

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