Linda nyangweso

KISS FM’s Linda Nyangweso has lashed out at trolls who body shamed her.

Linda shared a photo rocking a maroon swimsuit and she looked gorgeous.

But critics reshared her photo making negative remarks about her body.

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Linda in a lengthy post, she wrote,

so apparently fat girls shouldn’t swim in actual swimming costumes but should instead wear tents, mumus, the largest sengenge ni wire t-shirts, but if they’re feeling really sexy, a whale costume to better suit their bodies lol. so to even out my last few posts, and now that leave kweli inaisha.

Linda Nyangweso
KISS 100 presenter Linda


here’s a picture of me in kitenge that doesn’t show anything. thanks for reminding me my place, I am ashamed again, and I understand now how the Nairobi cold got your panties all bunched up. #sofatsobrave #wifematerial #dontSendSupportmessages #sendFood.

Nyangweso’s comment was echoed by many and quite a number of female celebrities showed their support for her.

kalekyemumo  Let them talk… infact post more… you live your happy life. Ain’t nobody gonna stop you 🔥🔥🔥 mama LIVE IT

adelleonyango I was reporting pages – hoping you’d stay off social media! Love you hun!

cirumuriuki F**k em.

misskihoro  You’re stunning! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

terrymuikamba I have some special chocolate 😜 ‘

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justus_mwakideu Ain’t their business in the first place! Some human beings ni kama walishutwa haki. Mind your FB! You’ve always been gorgeous inside/out

atienootieno Girl you looked smashing 🔥🔥🔥 !!! #senddessert

evansquik Don’t worry gal! Nobody chose how they look here on earth. All that matters is that we are all unique in our own way. You are so special that way…💙 💪🏾

ttmwanga Ha ha ha send food is the kill! Walk it with your head high! You have worn that confidence so well

evans_omubonwe You are beautiful Lyndah…let nobody who is having a miserable life somewhere invalidate that.

mwi_nzi Ideally, those are people who are just sad with their lives and hope to distribute the sadness virtually to everybody.

melissadeblok People are so dumb. 😔😔😔 pls keep posting bikinis, swimsuits, and even nothing if that makes you feel good. Honestly the audacity of people who mistakenly think their opinions matter. Like mosquitoes unaware of the mozzy net.

victor_nyabola You are gorgeous in everything you rock mama, let no one kill your vibe because they can’t do them… You are beautiful no matter your size or what you choose to wear so slay and shine 👑