Kenyans living with HIV/AIDs

HIV/AIDs is one of the most common killer diseases across the globe and it’s time it’s declared a global disaster.

Many are dying daily from HIV/AIDs and according to WHO report, in 2017 the estimated 670 000−1 300 000 people were dying from HIV globally.


Well, according to 2017 report, 1.5m people in Kenya are living with HIV and many die yearly from the virus.

We have a few brave soldiers who ain’t afraid of sharing their status. After all, HIV is not a death sentence.

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Below is a list of Kenyan celebrities who’ve publicly admitted that they’re HIV positive.

Binyavanga Wainaina

The renowned author and human gays activist Binyavanga Wainaina in 2016 disclosed his status.

He shared on Twitter his status adding that he was happy.

The founder of Kwani? Trust, tweeted; ‘I am HiV Positive, and happy.’

On 14 January 2014, he came out of the closet. Binyavanga died on 21 May 2019 after he suffered a stroke.

He was set to walk down with his Nigerian boyfriend.

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George Barasa alias Joji Baro

The gospel artiste is living with HIV.

In a past interview, Joji Baro revealed that he became gay after joining High School (St. Paul’s Miluki).

He got into a romantic relationship with a Catholic priest. He was his girlfriend.

George Baro

On March 11, 2011, He tested positive of the virus and since then, he was disowned by that his family abandoned him.

Phenny Awiti 

The Nairobian columnist in 2017 came out to publicly reveal she was HIV positive, leaving many in shock.

The mother of two, whose kids are HIV negative, said after publicly revealing her status, her baby daddy left her.

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Phenny, who has been creating awareness about HIV and campaigning for a stigma-free society, also said that men, who flooded her DM offering her coffee dates also dwindled.

Phenny Awiti

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The Mapenzi hitmaker George Kihara, made headlines back in 2013 after he confessed that he was positive.

A year after publicly coming out, Frigacy passed away under mysterious circumstances.

Check out his song below.

Doreen Moracha

The 27-year-old was born HIV positive. She is bold and has always documented her journey living with HIV/AIDs online.

Doreen Moraa
Just like her counterpart, Phenny, Doreen uses social media to create awareness about the disease, encourage those living with the disease and teach the youths how to protect themselves.

She’s also on the forefront to fight stigma and discrimination against HIV/AIDs victims.

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Kimutai Kemboi

Kimutai, who was infected by a woman she used to work for is not different from his counterparts. He’s not afraid of sharing his story and always inspires many through his talks.

He publicly confessed that he’s HIV positive on Facebook.

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