When Mercy Gatwiri was invited inside the magistrate’s chambers in Nairobi, she smiled and looked up on the roof and requested the magistrate to give her time to say something.

According to her, it was only one pressing word she wanted to share with Nairobi Chief magistrate Roslyne Oganyo,  perhaps it will get her to freedom she thought.

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The magistrate gave her the go-ahead to speak and she said;

 “Your honour I do loitering and prostitution in the CBD because I had nothing to do for a living, I was initially staying with my boyfriend but we divorced after he became violent and abusive,” she said.

The 32-year-old mother of one says she had two children but one died and the one who remained with her was suffering at home hence the need for her to be forgiven.

  “Your honour I am a mother of two children but one died and I was left with one who is nine years old I promise that I will never be found again on the wrong side of the law,” she implored. 

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According to police report tabled in court, Gatwiri is a class eight drop out and was enjoying alcohol with her friends when she was nabbed by police.

Gatwiri, however, pleaded guilty to the offence and asked the court to forgive her as she was a fast time offender.

The prosecution proved that she was a fast time offender.

In her ruling on Wednesday Oganyo acquitted her on condition that she will never appear before her again.

“This court has acquitted you, but I have marked your face next time I see you here you will not walk free,” she ordered.  

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She advised her to stop loitering in the CBD and look for a good-paying job instead.

“Why do you do loitering for a living yet you are not disabled please think of your child and find something decent to do,” she said.

Corazon Wafula/The Star