Socialite Bridget Achieng was this close, like thisclose, to becoming the wife of a Nigerian prince, the mother in law loved her as a future daughter-in-law until she saw something she did not like at all.

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Brigdet was ready to be a wife. She had found the man who made her heart feel all fuzzy and welle welle.

Can you believe it? She had not only charmed the pants off the young oga prince, but also warmed the heart of his ‘moda’. Do you know how hard that is?

Gushing about her man, Bridget who is a star on TV’s realty show Nairobi Diaries wrote, “The only one who cares about my well being ????????????????????#myprince.”

Adding, “When you know he got you unconditionally ????????????????????????????????????????#iloveyouforfree #myEzem #nottagginghim#teammafisiletreloaded”

Hata, hakua anamlipisha. Imagine!!!

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Check out his photos.

Speaking to Mpasho Bridget spilled the beans saying, how she almost wed the rich Nigerian man but her half nude and salacious photos that are littered online, played a big role in the broken engagement.

“The mother saw my photos online and it brought a lot of problems. She said I cannot marry Her son. This really affected me. It was bad! I was ready to get married.”

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