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Cases of married men sleeping with their relatives are not alien to us.

From sleeping with their mothers, sisters and even aunties, such news leave us wondering where the society is headed to.

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A heavily pregnant woman has exposed her husband for sleeping with her biological mother.

The heartbroken woman has revealed that she has been suspecting the affair because most of the times, she would find her mothers panties in her bedroom.

“My boyfriend is sleeping with my mother and I am pregnant. We have fixed a date for our wedding. My dad is late. I found out this morning when I caught my mother kissing him in our house because he came to spend the holiday. I have seen my mother’s panties several times in my room but I never suspected anything. No wonder she always invites him to come and spend the weekend. Do I abort this baby and move on with my life or what do I do? I am irritated and she has been apologizing. I hate my mother so much now and to think I am her only child and daughter,’ she wrote.

Check out reactions from social media:

Orchidnora: Keep the baby. Move on with your life. A life and life itself is beautiful. All might look bleak now but believe me, you will be fine . Life has so many beautiful things and that special one to offer you. Please be strong and hold on just for a while. All will be well. Stay well.

Natu_collections: 😢😢😢😢weeping for that useless woman you called Mom.Abort the baby and move on.

Hopyz: Even if you abort that child, your mum will still remain your mother. Some things are just meant to believe with for that rest of our lives. Let that innocent child lives forgive your mother and move on with your life without gudges, or hatred though d stigma will b there but trust in the lord he can heal every pains no matter how worst it is. Anything done out of anger is never done well.

Nancychimeri: Shameless world….how would they stand you forever….move on my darling move on….if you marry him it sound still continue….your man would do worse

Pickle: It’s hard to believe, that the person you trust more than anyone in this world can betray you as well. May God strengthen you and I pray you make the right decision.

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Omonicrown: As for me I can’t Marry that kind of Man my advice for you is to abort the pregnant and move on with your life, if you get married to him u can never forget what the both of them did together

Rahinatulawal: Keep the baby, that can be your only child too. And lastly stay away infact far away from them. He loves your mum more you, that one is clear

Adesinaoluwayomi: Are you sure she the one that gave birth to you. You better run for your